The Carbon Coup

January 30, 2017

Standing Rock's Global Resonance

December 29, 2016

Standing Rock Prayer of Gratitude

December 11, 2016

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June 2, 2017

Trump pulls out of the Paris Climate Accord.  Of course he did! He’s loyal to his donor base in the fossil fuel industry, and he’s an investor in fossil fuels. So, why wouldn’t he cancel the Climate accord?

Perhaps more important, and what we must consider as individual...

Does activism ever work?

This question is on a lot of people's minds right now.  But, this past week-end, April 22, 2017 marked the Fifth Anniversary of Occupy The Farm.  On that day five years ago a band of 200 urban farmers walked onto a publicly owned research farm a...

Eric Poemz moved slowly across the hotel lobby using a walker. Eric looks far too young to be piloting a device usually associated with nursing homes.  But, two days earlier four sprinting police officers tackled Eric and took him down hard onto Highway 1806 at the Sta...

February 25, 2017

Amid snow and wind, a large contingent of Water Protectors departed Oceti Sakown for the last time, just one hour before the Federal and State mandated evacuation deadline on Feb. 22.  This final prayer march took people southward over the Cannon Ball River bridge, all...

February 21, 2017

A police checkpoint has been established south of the Oceti Sakowin Camp, which is to be evacuated on February 22, 2017.  Officers are searching cars entering the road to the camp to prevent additional building materials or camping supplies from entering the camp....

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Sneak Preview in SF: Clips from New Film
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