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Armored Cars, Heavily Armed Police Swarm Standing Rock "Water Protectors"

On Sept. 28 people from the Standing Rock, ND camps traveled to a nearby oil-pipeline construction site. They planned to carry out a non-violent direct action in hopes of halting construction. Indigenous youth started the camps as a way of physically blocking construction of a massive oil pipeline that would carry nearly a half million barrels of oil a day from crisscrossing the Missouri River and sacred, tribal sites. The Missouri River provides drinking water for the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and millions of others downstream. When the group of "Water Protectors" arrived at the construction site, no workers were present. Instead, a large contingent of police were on hand. After prayers, singing, and some offerings, the "Water Protectors" made ready to depart. But, heavily armed police surrounded the group and moved in. Approximately 50 police, many carrying military style automatic weapons, arrested 21 people on charges of criminal trespass and other charges. No weapons of any sort were found by the police. The rest of "water protectors" returned to their camp where over a thousand people now reside.

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