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Confederate Statue Comes Down in Durham, N.C. Activists Take To Streets

This video report from the streets of North Carolina, entitled "Defending Durham" comes from Rumur. Without voice over, anti-racist activists are seen taking to the streets of Durham just days after a statue of Confederate soldier had been toppled. The KKK had been been rumored to be organizing a march to the site of the statue.. Anti-racist groups sent out a call to respond. In this video, security for the activists is seen to be organized by a man carrying an automatic weapon. Clearly on the side of the anti-racist activists the man is asked repeatedly why he is armed. His answer: "The KKK have already dictated the terms of engagement," referring to the use of armed militia by the white-supremacist rally the week before in Charlottesville, VA.

California is expected to see pro-Trump and "anti-Marxist" rallies in the coming week. Large counter demonstrations are expected in response. California does not have an "open carry" law, but the National Parks, which will host one of the rallies at San Francisco Crissy Field does allow "open carry".

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